Should you get a new car serviced at the dealership you purchased it?

March 22nd, 2018 by

Buying a new car is a thrilling experience. Zeroing in on the perfect model, taking it for a test drive, and getting to know it better and better in those first few months make new vehicle ownership fun and exciting. Of course, you want to keep that feeling alive for as long as possible, and that means giving it the service and maintenance it requires to run its best.

However, new car owners often struggle between taking their vehicle to a dealership or an independent service location for their car care needs. Today, we’re going to outline the benefits of taking your new car, specifically a new Hyundai, to a Hyundai dealership for service.

Specialized Hyundai service

At Schomp Hyundai, our certified vehicle technicians focus on one thing: Hyundai vehicles. Day in and day out, they work on Hyundai models and are specifically trained to work with any vehicle in the Hyundai lineup. This specialization allows for quick diagnosis and expert service.

Readily accessible Hyundai parts

When you take your vehicle to an independent service location, they may not have genuine Hyundai parts on hand, so when it comes time to replace one part or another, you may not be getting an identical replacement, or you may have to wait for the shop to get the part in. At Schomp Hyundai, we maintain an inventory of genuine Hyundai parts so we can provide quick, top-notch service without hesitation.

When you get your Hyundai serviced near Denver, CO at Schomp Hyundai, you can also find incredible service specials to help you save money. Through our website, you can schedule an appointment, shop for parts, find a vehicle maintenance schedule, and so much more.

Owning a vehicle is a major investment, and we want to help you protect it the best way possible.

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