Benefits of Hyundai BlueLink app

January 18th, 2018 by

Benefits of Hyundai BlueLink app for Hyundai vehicle owners
Think of all the things you rely on your phone for. For many, it serves as an alarm clock, a personal assistant, a navigation system, and DJ. Not to mention its communication capabilities. That frequent use of smartphones has driven Hyundai to develop an app for its vehicle owners called Hyundai BlueLink. Free for three years for new Hyundai owners near Denver, CO, the Hyundai BlueLink app has an array of benefits that make the Hyundai ownership experience even better.

Remote start and temperature control

You probably don’t go far without your phone, and with the Hyundai BlueLink app, that means you’ll never be far from your vehicle either. With the app, you will enjoy a number of conveniences, such as remote engine start with climate control — a feature you’ll love in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Not only will it make your time in the vehicle more comfortable, but it may save you from scraping your windshield and allow your vehicle to run smoother when you begin driving.

Plus, the app is compatible with smart home devices like the Amazon Echo so you can start your car with simple voice commands as you get ready for your day.

Remote door lock and unlock

Your key fob will always do the trick when you’re in range, but what about when you forget to lock the doors? Or when you want to open them without handing over the keys? The Hyundai BlueLink app allows you to enter a pin to lock or unlock the doors from anywhere. If the doors aren’t opened in 30 seconds after they are unlocked, they’ll automatically re-lock themselves.

Vehicle diagnostics, health reports, and service alerts

Keeping track of vehicle maintenance and regular service may not always be at the top of your list of priorities. The BlueLink app helps you more effectively manage your busy life with service alerts. Better yet, you can run a full vehicle diagnostic test from your Hyundai’s touchscreen. If you see anything that alarms you, you can send the diagnostics to your preferred Hyundai dealer and schedule an appointment, all from your vehicle.

Owning a Hyundai is a great experience, even with the BlueLink app. Benefits like these are simply icing on the cake. Visit our showroom and let our vehicle experts show you the benefits of this app, and the array of other advantages you’ll have by owning a Hyundai.

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