When Will the Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Truck Concept Go On Sale?

August 28th, 2017 by

Concept vehicles are often the stars of auto shows. They look cool, allow automakers to push the bounds of creativity, and create plenty of speculation in automotive circles. While some concepts never make it past the show stage, others are the framework for future production models.

In 2015, at the North American International Auto Show, Hyundai showcased the Santa Cruz pickup truck concept, which was a futuristic-looking mashup of an SUV and traditional pickup. At the time, we knew it only to be a concept vehicle, but this week, Hyundai delivered big news that may lead to the Santa Fe pickup truck concept eventually landing in our showroom.

Hyundai confirms it will build a light pickup truck for U.S.

Micahel J. O’Brien, VP of corporate and product planning for Hyundai’s U.S. market, confirmed that Hyundai leadership has given the green light to develop and produce a pickup truck for the U.S. In that confirmation, O’Brien indicated that the pickup truck will be similar to the Santa Cruz concept.

While there were surely be some differences between Hyundai’s upcoming pickup truck and the Santa Cruz concept, we expect to get some clues over the next couple of years by looking at the development of the three-row Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which is slated for an overhaul for the 2019 model year.

When will Hyundai’s pickup truck go on sale?

While we’re a long way from official release dates, Hyundai currently plans to put its upcoming pickup truck on sale in 2020, after redesigns of the Santa Fe and the Tucson SUVs.

What to expect from Hyundai’s future pickup truck?

We suspect Hyundai’s future pickup truck will be a light-duty, unibody truck with front-wheel drive that delivers a more maneuverable and efficient option in the pickup truck market. While we don’t anticipate towing capacities that rival the heavy-duty models of the world, Hyundai pickup truck will likely be a practical, more affordable option that delivers clear benefits over its larger peers.

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